I am passionate about Citroen and EV's

Well, nobody is perfect, right?

Since I can remember I dreamed of owning an electric car and building my own car. So it came to be that  in 2013, certain stars lined-up and I found myself building my own EV; well converting a Citroen DS Pallas to electric.

There were many firsts, including the vehicle I chose to electrify, choosing to go with a 3-phase induction motor (those days conversions used DC motors, a lot simpler to deploy) and to keep the magnificent hydropneumatic suspension, braking and power steering system. 

All these extra challenges could have been avoided, but what a magic vehicle I ended-up with. Certainly worth the costs, sweat and tears. Interested in the conversion details? Click here...

The key lesson

If you're working hard you're in the wrong path


I have had an "office" career. Converting my vehicle to electric was a lot of things I had not done before and a lot of heavy lifting and hard physical work. So why is it that every day I could not wait for the evening so I could go for another few hours of physically hard work?

As tough as it was, it was more fun then I had, had in any job I had done in my career. I was in my Passion. In my essence, I am an inventor and creator and these 2 and other elements in me came together and like a perfectly tuned orchestra "worked" together and the symphony is outstanding, almost euphoric.

For the first time I understood what it meant to be in my passion, my element, my essence. Yes there were challenges, no, not everything went as planned, yes there were financial and timeline budget over-runs. But the exhilaration that came with unfolding my own creation was a feeling of enrichment that I had never felt before.

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Passion leads to fortunes of different kinds

When one is operating from their essence, something magical happens. It is magnetic. It attracts like minded people. It brings-along a following of similar people that get engaged in their own essence. In my garage I ended up with other people converting their own vehicles, jewelers, painters and other artists of sorts. Everybody engaged in their own creations and giving a hand to each other.

My EV conversion led me to cofound an Energy Storage System manufacturing organisation that continues to engage my in my other passion, that of protecting the environment. I never imagined that I would be involved in Energy Storage, let alone my own factory manufacturing something that emanated from my passion.

The corporate ladder struggle, which I know very well, is a painful way to make a living. It's soul destroying. It does not have to be like that. It is a scary and risky path to jump-off that gravy-train to indulge in one's passion. And I found you would be reminded time and again by those the most "care" for you. They are the ones trying to protect you from your fears. Don't listen to them. They can never understand what drives you from deep within. They probably are unable to understand what drives them from within and are meandering on the path of "normality".

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