Aldo Grech

Awarded Inventor | Speaker |
Environmentalist | Feminist

Unleashing the power in your people

Addressing an Israeli Investment Forum in Tel Aviv

On GreenTech

Aldo has been invited to present to varied audiences in a number of countries on leadership, including personal, organisational and environmental.
Here in this video (apologies for low-quality), he is presenting a breakthrough technology called HyPO that accumulates "cheap" energy for peak usage. Power that can be aggregated across a house through distribution of these devices replacing power sockets.


I am thankful and humbled. These journey companions are my teachers. - Aldo

It is rare to find a professional of Aldo's calibre.
From his early beginnings seeing the potential of computers and the internet, he remains an early adopter of technology and one of innovative thought. Aldo is a compelling visionary willing to make the necessary decisions to see that true progress is made. I have witnessed Aldo achieve success through adversity while always maintaining aplomb and never compromising his gentlemanly manners. Through deep and consistent work with his people we were able to turn the division from a loss into a profit within 18months. It is my experience that Aldo releases barriers and creates the space for his people to work differently and use their inherent leadership capabilities. Aldo truly has the foresight to see what is possible on a world stage. He works untethered with redundant thinking or perceived boundaries. My wish is for any individual or organisation who engages Aldo to value his exceptional qualities for the benefit of the company and its people.

Aldo is an inspirational and a true leader who strives to bring out the best in all his colleagues and employees. He encourages them to reflect on their performance and abilities, with a view to elevating those traits. I have known Aldo for more than 7 years and regard him as a friend and mentor. I consider myself fortunate to have worked with Aldo and attribute much of my professional growth to his inspirational guidance. He encouraged me to develop my leadership skills both in the areas of technology and team management. His work philosophy is based on underpinning his company’s success on a motivated workforce that shares the company’s ideals and ethos. He has published a highly readable book on his approach to business philosophy and workplace management. He told me once, “I have fun at work” and this is evident in everything he approaches, whether selling solutions to customers or inventing or coming up with innovative ideas to solve some of the day-to-day problems in everyday life. Aldo made AirData a stimulating place to work, where all staff are encouraged to surpass themselves. He has displayed an uncanny ability to understand complex business problems and to derive solutions to the satisfaction of his clients and associates. His is a mind that constantly pushes boundaries of the creative frontier, as evident from his varied interests in technology solutions, electric cars and power storage solutions. I endorse his leadership skills and creativity in technology. 

Aldo Grech

Speaks, Consults, Mentors, Coaches and Workshops on the subjects of Leadership, and personal and organisational sustainability benefiting individuals, their employers and the planet we leave for our children and grandchildren.

Aldo is also a passionate about sustainability and is cofounder, investor or advisor in a number of sustainability projects. Click the images below for more information.

Aldo was selected as one of 50 "Unsung Business Heroes" in 2018. Get your copy here........ 


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